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[Live Photos] Edifice EQB-600D Won iF Design Award

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The iF Design Awards are organized by iF International Forum Design GmbH, which is based in Germany, and are internationally recognized as a mark of excellence in industrial product design. Entries are carefully judged not only for their design features, but also for their quality, price, and environmental performance.
58 design experts selected the winning products for the iF Design Award 2017 from more than 5,500 submissions from 59 countries around the world.

The EQB-600D is a Smartphone Link model of the high-performance EDIFICE watch brand, known for its dynamic design and advanced technology. The watch can be linked with a smartphone* for automatic time adjustment and enables the user to easily set the world time from a phone app. The watch feature the 3D Globe Dial, a dome-shaped, multidimensional inset dial with an Earth motif that displays the world time in an imaginative and aesthetically pleasing way.

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