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[Promo] Edifice EQB-800TR-1A Scuderia Toro Rosso Limited

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This time EQB – 800 TR is adopted as a bezel for carbon material, one of indispensable materials in the world of motor sports. By using the material used for the parts of the racing car, we express a textile pattern unique to carbon and finished it with a beautiful and sporty design. Weight reduction and high rigidity by the combination material of Toray Industries’ carbon fiber “TORAYCA® * 1 ” and its proprietary “NANOALLOY® technology * 2 ” applied resin, and improvement of the impact resistance of the bezel part It is realized. Furthermore, under the bezel, I applied a bright gradation heat gradation IP. As a result, I expressed the machine color of the scuderia · Toro · Rosso which changes the expression according to the light and the angle of looking while running on the exhaust pipe of the engine with heat and the circuit.
The band adopts Midnight Blue CORDURA® fabric and adopts a cross / leather band. In addition to expressing the racing suit color of Scuderia · Toro · Rosso, I realized comfortable wearing feeling. Scuderia · Toro · Rosso logo is engraved on the back cover and ring loop. In addition, the package has also engraved a partnership logo and has become a special specification suitable for the limited edition.

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