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[Edifice Solar] EFS-S580 — Tough Solar and Sapphire Glass

Does low-key mean silence? Does introverted mean ignorance? Behind the seemingly unassuming is the deeper style and confidence of life. EDIFICE always believes that those who are not afraid to miss the opportunity will win opportunities, and those who are willing to work silently will create miracles! This season, EDIFICE pays tribute to you who struggled silently and brought the brand new Casio EDIFICE EFS-S580 series, with a low-key figure and full effort toward dreams!

Introverted is a kind of precipitation through time, which nourishes the growth of strength. The EDIFICE EFS-S580 series conveys a confident aura with a low-key and textured design language this time, bringing a total of two color schemes, gray and blue. Abandoning high-profile and exaggerated, introverted as a base to pay tribute to the strength of silent struggle, while also highlighting the professional elite with detailed chic design, taking into account multiple scenes such as workplace fashion and outing leisure.

The harmonious combination of black and gray brings a deep texture to the EFS-S580DC-1AVUPR. As a color combination that will not go wrong, it has a unique modern feel no matter how it is worn in daily or work. The blue of EFS-S580BL-2AVUPR presents a seamless connection between atmosphere and agility, and elegant taste is contained in it.

The smooth line combination often gives people a sense of fashion, light luxury, and at the same time a low-key and steady aura. The EFS-S580 series is even more impressive. The metal dial is clean and neat, and two different materials of the watch are provided. Strap, the metal strap of EFS-S580DC-1AVUPR is simple and easy to use, while the leather strap of EFS-S580BL-2AVUPR is a suitable collocation choice for business and leisure.

Low-key is a self-confidence manifestation of strength. With the dedicated pursuit of dreams and the ability to flexibly respond to various scenarios, every second can be mastered. The EFS-S580 series also supports many practical functions to achieve both internal and external repairs. Whether it is sunlight or faint light, when the light passes through the artificial sapphire glass mirror, the watch will convert the electro-optical energy and store it properly to ensure and support multi-function operation, waiting for the moment when you need assistance, to help you. In addition, the watch mirror made of artificial sapphire glass has high abrasion resistance, so you can let go of your hands and feet while wearing it.

Facing a newcomer to the workplace and a career that has just started, it is the wise choice for the new elites to be steady and enterprising but not greedy for advancement. Confidence comes from strength, and all precipitation is only waiting for accumulation! EDIFIC EFS-S580 series always cheer for newcomers in the workplace!

EFS-S580 Profile / Casio Edifice
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Year of first release: 2021
The most distinctive specs:
— Sapphire crystal 
(the scratch-resistant sapphire crystal watch glass is treated with a non-reflective coating to deliver high visibility)
— Solar-powered (CASIO-original light-shielding and distributed solar technology make it possible to obtain sufficient power generation using only the light that passes through the three small inset dials. Exposure to light charges a battery that provides energy to power normal operations for five months on a full charge)
— Carbon Display Styling (like in a sportcar)
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