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[Edifice Limited] EQW-A2000HR Inspired by the Legendary Honda RC162 Motorcycle

The collaboration between EDIFICE and Honda Racing has been ongoing since 2018. This collaboration model “EQW-A2000HR” will celebrate its 60th anniversary in 2021 after Japanese rider Kunimitsu Takahashi won the road race world championship “Round 2 West Germany GP250cc” held in 1961 for the first time. It is also a model commemorating. At that time, Takahashi drove to express the racing machine “RC162” that won the championship.

The bezel and dial of the watch are specially processed with the motif of a cowl made of aluminum. For the black dial, in addition to red, which is the image of a fuel tank, silver, which is the body color of “RC162”, is used. Also highlights are the striking yellow lines and the 1961 Honda logo. The band is made of genuine leather reminiscent of a racing suit, and is said to have revived the legendary racing scene along with the watch itself.

The Honda logo is also placed everywhere on the special package. A lightweight velcro type nylon band is included as a replacement band. The base model is EDIFICE’s “EQW-A2000”, which supports time adjustment using standard radio waves and solar power generation. It uses a sapphire glass windshield that is resistant to scratches and has a high degree of transparency.

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