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[G-Shock Square] G-D5000-9 — Golden Dream Project

 For G-SHOCK, which made its debut in 1983, 2018 marks the 35th anniversary of its birth. “G-SHOCK FAN FESTA SHIBUYA 2018” was held in Shibuya on December 13th of the same year to decorate the last of this anniversary year. And a big surprise was prepared at the event. That is the announcement of the commercialization of the “G-D5000-9JR”, which is the 18K yellow gold case and bracelet specification of the DW-5600.

 For such web Chronos, the 18KYG specification G-SHOCK, which has been chasing the information for a year from December 2018, will finally be delivered at any time from December 2019. One of the first memorable shipments was delivered to Ai Isuzu in Takamatsu City, Kagawa Prefecture, which triggered the birth of the pure gold G-SHOCK.

 The solid gold G-SHOCK was protected from Yamagata Casio in a duralumin case and was brought to the store around 13:00. When delivering from a manufacturer to a retailer, it is unlikely that you will send just one watch in such a large case. It’s also inside that G-SHOCK that “it’s okay to drop it from the 3rd floor of the building”.

 Moreover, this duralumin case is not just a box. It is equipped with GPS in case it is stolen or lost during transportation. In addition, the sender has set a 4-digit password in advance so that a third party cannot open the box without permission. Therefore, even the CEO of Iisuzu HD, Yasuyuki Iima, who is the recipient of this time, cannot open the package by itself.

 On the day, four people from Casio came to the store to witness this place. One of them gave the password to Mr. Iima, and Mr. Iima opened it. Even Mr. Iima, who has dealt with many luxury brands, says that it is the first time for him to deliver with such strict security.

 A Casio representative jokingly said, “I couldn’t figure out how much it was because there was no precedent for such an expensive watch among the watches I’ve dealt with,” but this limited edition model is special to the company. It will be a model. It’s true that a 7.7 million yen watch is a high-priced item, but simply because it’s expensive shouldn’t have made it so cautious about transportation. Because it is a model that was made without regard to profitability as a symbol of the 35th anniversary of G-SHOCK, I have a strong feeling for it, and I must have taken such a method in a way that makes every effort.

 Take out the cardboard box in the duralumin case and open it to get a black box. Furthermore, when I opened this box, there was a paulownia box inside. The letters “DREAM PROJECT 1 out of 35” are printed on the paulownia box along with the “CASIO” and “G-SHOCK” logos, and at a glance you can see that it is a different model from just G-SHOCK. ..

 I thought that I opened the lid of this luxurious paulownia box and met the pure gold G-SHOCK, and it was Nanbu Tekki (!!) that was sitting there. The idea of ​​using an iron kettle from Nanbu Tekki for the storage case of G-SHOCK was created by Mr. Kikuo Ibe, the creator of G-SHOCK and the leader of this work. According to the person in charge of Casio, Mr. Ibe has a strong desire to “like a domestic watch and want to add a Japanese taste”, and Mr. Ibe himself has searched for a craftsman who makes this Nanbu Tekki.

 The G-D5000-9JR has a special feeling, from the 18KYG exterior to the Nanbu Tekki “tetsubin case” that houses it, and the paulownia box. If allowed, next time I would like to ask the lucky enthusiasts who actually got it to show me the actual machine and hear the impression that I was able to get this ultimate G-SHOCK.


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