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[G-Shock G-Lide] GBX-100-2 — Sports watch and Move App

From the G-SHOCK sports line G-LIDE, which is supported by the world’s top surfers, a new model equipped with a smartphone cooperation function has appeared.

With this model, you can easily set the tide information and sunrise / sunset times required by surfers from around 3300 locations built into the dedicated application on the clock side.
In addition, the high-definition MIP (Memory in Pixel) liquid crystal with wide face enhances the visibility. In addition to the conventional model tide graph and moon data display, high tide / low tide time, high tide / low tide level, sunrise It is now possible to display the arrival time of a day. This makes it possible to grasp the current situation in detail at a glance. Together with training measurement functions (distance, speed, pace, lap, pitch measurement), it supports surfers who fly around the world and fight tough from their arms.
Furthermore, this time we have made progress not only in terms of functionality, but also in terms of design, structure, and materials. The bezel is a combination of resin and metal. Stainless steel parts are used for the top of the bezel, and the hairline and honing finish are used to create a design that combines strength and texture. In addition, assuming an environment in which the posture is not stable, a resin guard structure that can withstand shocks from above, below, left and right is used, and with the button guard at the 6 o’clock position, it has shock resistance performance unique to G-SHOCK. The band uses a soft urethane band with a slit at the base of the 6 o’clock position that allows for fit, water, and sweat escape, and pursues comfort.
This is the birth of the new G-LIDE, which has undergone an omnidirectional evolution in function, design, structure, and materials.

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