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[G-Shock 2021] Nishikigoi Koi — a Living Jewel Series

Casio will release the “G-SHOCK NISHIKI GOI” series with a pattern inspired by Nishikigoi in June. The three standard models are targeted, and the price is 17,050 yen for the “DW-6900JK”, 19,800 yen for the “GA-100JK”, and 14,850 yen for the “DW-5600JK”.

G-SHOCK designed with the motif of “Nishikigoi”, which is also called a living jewel and is popular overseas. The DW-6900JK has a color scheme that resembles “red and white” with scarlet spots on a white body. Similarly, the GA-100JK has the image of “Taisho Sanshoku” with scarlet and black spots on the white body, and the indial is also designed with a needle with a Nishikigoi motif. The DW-5600JK has a black body and the motif is “Showa Sanshoku” with red and white patterns throughout.

In each model, the light has a pattern linked to the face design, and the play ring has an illustration of Nishikigoi. The package is also specially designed by Black Eye Patch. Made in Japan, including manufacturing, it is a product that launches Japanese culture.

Both have a shock-resistant structure and are water resistant to 20 bar. The GA-100JK is also equipped with magnetic resistance and LED lights. Quartz-powered and battery-powered.

The main body size of DW-6900JK is 53.2 x 50 x 16.3 mm, and the weight is 67 g. The main body size of GA-100JK is 55 x 51.2 x 16.9 mm, and the weight is 72 g. The main body size of DW-5600JK is 48.9 x 42.8 x 13.4 mm, and the weight is 53 g.

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