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[Live Photos] G-Shock DW-5600 – Classic reincarnation

Classic reincarnation – March notable price $ 880 (original price $ 1080)
Generous G-Shock DW-5600 G-Shock started a boom 20 years ago Speed worn by actor Keanu Reeves, the battery light bulbs Aberdeen has become a classic twist at the end, I believe we recite from all food for thought.
After 20 years, Evergreen traditional canal save face, inner transformation of solar EL backlight when the airwaves, with the times, you absolutely department adventurous generous personal partner.

G-Shock black DW-5600-6

G-Shock black DW-5600-5

G-Shock black DW-5600-4

G-Shock black DW-5600-3

G-Shock black DW-5600-2

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