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[Live Photos] G-Shock Christmas color matching retro series

With neon lights on and familiar melody sounded, the G-SHOCK Christmas color matching retro series reappears on the streets, inviting you to a Christmas party.
G-SHOCK classic cool black remains unchanged, supplemented by the three primary Christmas colors of red, green and gold, which collide with different trend sparks. The five retro classic watches have their own styles.
DW-5900TH-1PR three-eye original window with “convex” shaped display, looks irregular but secretly symmetrical, showing toughness in an informal style. The DW-5600THC-1PR classic square dial is matched with a trendy cloth strap. The red joints of the case and strap are eye-catching and are equipped with “SHOCK RESIST” patterned backlight, which adds to the hot Christmas atmosphere. GA-2100TH-1APR, as an ultra-thin dual display model, has a carbon fiber protective structure equipped with an octagonal dial design, showing sharpness, with red and green scale lines, to go to the Christmas carnival wave. The DW-5700TH-1PR round dial includes a square display, a combination of square and circle that breaks the trend of the border, and comes with “SHOCK RESIST” pattern backlight, so you will not be in the crowd. BGD-570TH-1PR comes with a classic “G” pattern backlight. It can be paired with four other watches to form a pair of watches, hand in hand to shine, and refuse to shine alone.

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