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[Live Photos] G-Shock DW-5600 x HAZZY BOOM Collaboration

The first “G-SHOCK 3×3 Street Fighter War 2018” event limited edition model was designed by HAZZY BOOM. The limited edition of the whole series is sold by 70. This joint watch has the first in the “MIRROR SERIES” series. G-SHOCK gene DW-5600 is the basic model, the design concept is basketball-themed, returning to the glory of the 80’s, the appearance is bold and powerful matte black, the surface and the button are designed with silver coating to create eye-catching With a unique metallic mirror effect, the totem on the long-strap strap comes from basketball, nets, sneakers, the dividing line on the court and the English words on G-SHOCK, combining all the elements to create a unique complete totem, and The simplification of the pattern is applied to the watch to create a mottled and cut-off color block.

The color block is printed in a low-key gray tone, which makes the overall look more textured, and further extends its totem to the outer packaging design, and short The side strap is printed with the floor markings on the basketball court and the words HAZZY BOOM. In addition, the back cover is printed with HAZZY BOOM exclusive LOGO. The overall design fully echoes the “G-SHOCK 3×3 Street Fighter War 2018” basketball.

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