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[Live Photos] G-Shock DW-5600LCU-1 and Music Style

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“Four person singer rock band that bustles the music scene with music that captures the hearts of listeners, music that captures the heart of listeners, OKAMOTO’S.
It does not suit the young members of all members in their twenties, and their abilities also draw attention from various musicians is he. Hama Okamoto in charge of the base of for the first time wearing a G-SHOCK when in junior high school. I had bought to parents as a celebration admission. “shape is the same as what I have fit in the arm now Do you say type did .5600 series? color of the dial I had been composed of a red and black .G-SHOCK is, up to build a strong position as the Japanese watch brand, universal for our generation I think that it is there. so to speak standard. the new model while to release, and keep a long between popular not obsolete even classic model. it can is, G-SHOCK I think it’s because it is the finished product. ”

It can be shared across the generations
charm of G-SHOCK.

G – SHOCK says that there is something that also leads to a musical instrument that he manipulates.
“The design of common electric guitars and basses was invented by Fender more than 50 years ago.Derived from various forms and then there are a lot of styles so far, , I think that it is possible to do so because the basic type is completed.The figure is overlapped with G-SHOCK where there are versatile models, old and new.
In 2013 he signed an endorsement agreement with Fender in the US and released its own signature model base in 2016. Were not you fearing or fearing to carry a signboard of a global instrument maker? “I was able to contract with my favorite manufacturers, I felt happy, but on the other hand, I was worried that” Is it really okay? “But when I appeared in a talk event on musical instruments at one time,” I want to make this kind of base ” When I told the story, I was able to get empathy from customers who love instruments, some of them were in their 50s.When they were excited about common topics across generations through the same things I liked I am glad that there is nothing wrong with what
I am thinking.This is the same as G – SHOCK, because it is a universal existence, G – SHOCK becomes a common language and can be shared by young and old girls I think that there are not many other watch brands like that. ”


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