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[Live Photos] G-Shock Earth Tone Outdoor Series

When the “tough” core is combined with the earth’s outdoor elements, a bridge is built between the city and nature. G-SHOCK “Earth Tone” outdoor series pays tribute to the earth with a marble mixed color watch.
The series consists of three different basic models of watches. GA-700WM-5APR has an eclectic large frame and bold personality. GA-2000WM-1APR has a carbon core protection structure and a large front button, which is fashionable and eye-catching. DW-5600WM-5PR uses G-SHOCK’s classic square shape, which is simple and good.
The mixed-color resin material is used to reproduce the geological structure, showing the folds, fractures, and cleavage changes of the rock. The marble mixed color strap and the classic black dial continue to convey the TOUGHNESS concept of G-SHOCK.

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