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[Live Photos] G-Shock GAS-100-1A and Chef Hugo Lookbook

For the modern people is the most important part of life, and how to eat environmentally friendly and healthy, I believe that the growth of the majority of people in the local, is a difficult problem, especially for nine to five working men Said, the frequency of food is too high is really harmful to health, the starting point of the special hand together G-SHOCK, to G-SHOCK new release of the new phenotype GAS-100 series on the GAS (sound that is) as the hair, To hide in the homemade snack shop male chef Hugo, for the men presented two environmentally friendly and healthy “man lunch” to save the foreign food family of men.

And then the usual cooking – fried rice, in fact, also need a very deep cooking knowledge, in order to stir the rice and fragrant taste. The first step is to preheat the oil in the pot, then stir the eggs into the semi-cooked, and then into the rice (cold rice fine the best, because the grain surface of the water less) with ingredients mix stir, until all ingredients are fried After the fusion, add soy sauce and salt spoon seasoning, before the pan sprinkle some chopped green onion world-class delicious fried rice is completed.

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