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Shan Shan lunch is the representative of the land on the ingredients – cattle small row and cold okra, the sea part refers to – cream shrimp, that is, nutritionally balanced three dishes lunch. (Small uniform on the salt, black pepper tablets, rosemary), preheat hot oil and then the small cattle into the pot, fry to the surface of the micro- Coke can be wok, and then the oven preheated to 180 degrees, the freshly brewed beef into the baked for 3 minutes (according to the thickness of the meat to adjust the time), it will be a very perfect maturity. Okra first boiled and then into the ice water iced, and other temperature reduction, the head of the part of the excision, and then a simple Chicken sauce seasoning, the refreshing taste is very suitable for Taiwan hot weather, and oil taste heavier meat Match is also quite suitable. Shrimp treatment is more complicated, the first shrimp to the intestinal mud and shelled, with a simple salt coated with seasoning, and then into the wok through the cream slightly stir fry (avoid cooked), and finally into the personal favorite vegetables stir fry , Is a simple and suitable for men’s cuisine.

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