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[Live Photos] G-Shock GAS-100G-1A and Chef Hugo Lookbook

Will be cooked to complete the dishes were placed in the lunch box, a day full of energy sources, the man will be done, and the series of the most special GAS-100G-1A gold ion IP stainless steel bezel, plus automatic charging Tough Solar solar power system, it is consistent with the hardcore man of the activities of the field and match.

Hugo from childhood to see their parents at home in the kitchen busy busy out, just started to help the family began to contact the food, grew up Hugo into the chewing pork shop work, was archived by colleagues to cook his staff meal, but Because of this and accidentally discovered that they have eaten from the satisfaction of the satisfaction of the food after the taste, this fell in love with this thing. Now often in the home snack shop to help Hugo, in fact, there are two investment in the south of the roast, not just retreat behind the business role, but continue to stand at home, the kitchen continued to taste every guest to the guests, that is, Hugo The enthusiasm of cooking.

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