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[Rumors] G-SHOCK GBD-H2000 — the new sporty flagship?

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We’re excited to share latest rumors for upcoming new products – the new G-SQUAD [for runners] GBD-H2000 flagship has been leaked to the web. Apparently, it will be an upgraded version of the GBD-H1000 series, but the “core” functionality will remain the same, including small design changes. We will see the series on sale not earlier than March-April of this year.

The leaked photos are most likely renders [not “live”], but they clearly show what the GBD-H2000 will look like. What catches the eye is the case design, which has become even more “angular”. Maybe it was just our imagination, but the case has become smaller, but the functional space for the digital display has increased. In any case, the 2000s look prettier and more modern than its predecessor.

The Japanese emphasize the same optical heart rate sensor, which takes training with the watch to a new level. Based on heart rate data, you can monitor your body condition, adjust training intensity, calculate oxygen consumption, etc. We noticed the “6 Sensor” label on the strap, and all would be well, but…the GBD-H1000 had five sensors [heart rate, pedometer, barometer, thermometer, compass]. Most likely, the Japanese have added one more sensor, which they are keeping in secret for now. We have several versions about this – a gyroscope, a pulse oximeter [shows blood oxygen saturation], a BIA sensor [determines the percentage of body fat], a skin conductivity sensor. The last two are unlikely, but we can think it over.

Training functionality will be the same as the GBD-H1000 – activity monitor, training plans, exercise intensity, daily/monthly summary, vibration function for alerts, Bluetooth-synchronization with your smartphone, GPS for time correction, distance measurement and route point display on the map.

We think the power system will remain the same – solar power to run the watch in a “traditional” mode and a separate adapter for charging from power [if the heart rate monitor and GPS tracker are used frequently].

GBD-H2000 will have four colors initially – black, black with red inserts, black with a yellow strap, and navy blue.

That’s all the information we know so far. We are waiting for the spring and keep an eye on it.

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