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[Live Photos] G-Shock GMA-S120MF S Series for ladies

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Designed for women designed G-SHOCK S series to sweep the entire fashion circle of metal wind launched a new series of GMA-S120MF, MONOTONE monochrome for the design of the spindle, rubber appearance mix and match metal wind dial, showing the fashion rate The The new design to G-SHOCK super-popular watches GA-120 for the design basis, the G-SHOCK table diameter reduced to fit the size of female wrist wear, throughout the dial and the whole point of time with a metallic luster of the material, Layer of the stack of parts, in addition to the stereotypes of the three-dimensional sense, more fully show the fashion metal wind GMA-S120MF full range of five kinds of color options, including wild black and white, in order to reduce the cold metal elements, more blue and pink 2 kinds of soft color options, fashionable metal color dial, respectively, iron Gray, blue-gray, pink, silver and rose gold, Onetone monochrome low-color solid color appearance mix mix cool tone metal wind dial, to create a simple neat style style, in the dark majority of winter clothing, through Metal luster of the accessories to create to wear on the changes.

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