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[Live Photos] G-Shock GPR-B1000 — first solar & wireless charging GPS watch

Casio Computer announced on January 10 the world’s first “RANGEMAN (Range Man)” product, the world’s first solar assist, a connected watch “GPR-B1000” to cooperate with smartphones equipped with GPS navigation functions. The corresponding smartphone is Android 6.0 or later, iOS 10 or later. The color is developed in two colors, black (GPR – B 1000 – 1) and khaki (GPR – B 1000 – 1 B). Price, release date is unpublished at the present time.

RANGEMAN is a line up to the “Master of G (Master of G)” series, which is supposed to be used in extreme conditions, among G – SHOCK pursuing toughness. “GPR-B1000” is equipped with “GPS navigation function” for the first time as G-SHOCK, in addition to a triple sensor that measures azimuth, barometric pressure / altitude and thermometer with the concept of survival toughness.

Acquire position information from GPS satellite, display current position and direction of destination

By acquiring position information from GPS satellites, the GPR – B 1000 displays the directions of the current location and the destination on the route in real time. Also, by using the backtrack function, we guide the route to the original point by displaying the direction by using the outward route information memorized when we want to return to the departure point.


In addition, it can memorize logs and point information (latitude / longitude, altitude, temperature etc.) of the route that passed.

Cooperate with smartphones via Bluetooth

Receive accurate time all over the world by connecting to time server via smartphone by original application “G – SHOCK Connected”. The setting of world time and setting of alarm / timer can be easily operated by the application side of smartphone.

G – SHOCK Connected on the side of the smartphone has features such as departure / destination of the GPS navigation function, route setting, map display of the passing route, and time series timeline display together with the photograph of the passing point.

Display time even in harsh environments, solar and wireless hybrid rechargeable

When using the GPS function “NORMAL (intermittent reception)”, it is possible to use about 33 hours with about 5 hours wireless charging. It can be re-driven for a certain time with solar charge when the battery level reaches the point where the GPS function can not be used outdoors.

The time is displayed by solar charge.

Therefore, without depending on the usage status of the GPS function, the time indication is continued if there is only light.

Toughness structure to withstand harsh environments

Adopted G-SHOCK’s first ceramic back cover. Accordingly, it corresponds to wireless charging, and receives GPS radio waves with high sensitivity. Dustproof, mud resistant mat resist structure and impact resistant structure are adopted, low temperature specification up to -20 degrees, carbon fiber insert band, sapphire glass windshield, 20 atmospheric pressure waterproof etc, assumed for use in harsh conditions RANGEMAN It seems like a specification. The size is 60.3 × 57.7 × thickness 20.2 mm, the mass is about 142 g.

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