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[Live Photos] G-Shock GPW-2000TFB from Gold Tornado Collection

Base model is a hit by “MASTER OF G” series, GRAVITY MASTER (Gravity Master) ” GPW – 2000 “. It is equipped with GPS satellite’s current location and time acquisition, smartphone link with Bluetooth, and ” Connected engine 3-way ” for standard watch radio . In cooperation with the dedicated application “G – SHOCK Connected”, in addition to time setting, world time set, alarm set etc, flight log function can be used. The driving method is tough solar.

In addition, it has its own toughness structure “TRIPLE G RESIST” to withstand the three gravitational accelerations of impact force, centrifugal gravity and vibration. We pursue robustness under severe environments, and it also supports JIS 1 kind of magnetic resistance. It is possible to prevent the needle from stopping or shifting due to magnetism in everyday life while setting the antimagnetic plate in the space born due to the thinning of the module and maintaining the radio reception sensitivity. By the way, the second hand is made of carbon. The windshield is a nonreflective coating sapphire glass.

Furthermore, we developed and adopted a band fixing structure that does not use screws for the strap fixing pin. It adopts the biseless system which fixes the strap with fine resin shaft seal and fine resin parts enclosing carbon fiber.

GPW – 2000TFB gold IP processing, such as 3D indices with accumulation of light, in – dial rings, needles, screws, crown of smart access, metal bezel etc. The bezel has different polishing methods for each part, the golden shine changes according to the viewing position. The back cover is screw-tight, the 35th anniversary logo of the G – SHOCK is engraved deeply and is proudly engraved.


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