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[Live Photos] G-Shock GST-210, GST-S100 and GST-S110 Fashion Lookbook

aiwan Casio in 2016, the official introduction of G-SHOCK G-STEEL series of goods, the main appearance of stainless steel texture, in addition to the formal workplace can wear, there are stainless steel case Mashao rubber strap, through the combination of different materials, If the upper layer is made of stainless steel, the lower layer will use shock-proof rubber material. If the upper layer is made of rubber material, the upper layer is made of rubber material. If the upper layer is made of rubber material, GST-210D, GST-210M, GST-S110, and GST-S100G. The G-SHOCK is a new series that includes the G-SHOCK’s powerful impact resistant construction and offers the following features: A more mature design, the perfect show mixed material of the new dual-series. In addition, this G-SHOCK specially invited Taiwan rapper Li Yinghong, actor Bo Yan, PHANTACi brand manager Ric, fashion blogger PJ CHEN and circle into the standard, with their style to wear to explain the G-STEEL Multi-style, whether it is mounted mashup sports wind, the British gentleman wind, American style or retro wind to wear the wind, can easily match, different material mix and match or ion IP color processing, so watch with a high degree of recognition , Coupled with a variety of color combinations, whether in the formal wear occasion or casual wear style needs are the best choice.

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