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[Live Photos] G-Shock GST-S110, GST-S100 and GST-S130 Lookbook

Different from the past to rubber-based, G-STEEL case to stainless steel mix and match the way to do the combination of rubber . If the upper layer uses a rubber material, the lower layer will use the reinforced rubber to reduce the impact from the upper layer, so as to achieve the purpose of impact resistance. If the upper layer is made of rubber material, The

G-STEEL full range of stainless steel muffler rubber case design, strap selection contains stainless steel, rubber and rubber leather combination of new materials. Rubber straps are made of soft rubber material, especially to strengthen the thickness to enhance the wear fit, and hexagonal screws, effectively prevent the release of the band occurred. The rubber and synthetic leather of the new material, with waterproof function, more tough than the traditional leather material wear and tear, and has a unique car suture to create a real leather appearance.

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