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[Live Photos] G-Shock GW-6901K-7, GWN-Q1000K-7A and Baby-G BGR-3007K-7 Limited

The Ultimate Guide to All G-SHOCKs — composed by Experts

This model, which has been loved by people who are interested in street fashion as well as wristwatch fans since the first Eye Search Japan collaboration model, so-called “Irukuji”, appeared in 1994. The 2017 version of “Irukuji” which will be its latest work will be released in June with its tricolor colored.

Also this year, we collaborated with Eye Search Japan, which is engaged in activities to convey dolphins / whales and the wonderfulness of nature under the theme of “Love The Sea And The Earth”, and 3 models line up.
Among them, G – SHOCK “GW-6901K-7” and BABY – G “BGR-3007K-7” are items of attention given elements as a series traditional pair watch.

“GW – 6901K – 7JR” based on the third model boasting strong persistent popularity places red and blue point color in the all – white case and band. I am coordinating with refreshing tricolor. It is a promise that we adopt silhouette of humpback whale which is icon detail of this model for front button, belt and ring loop.
The latest third model, which is the base model, is equipped with a multiband 6 that receives 6 standard stations of the world, only tough models equipped with tough solar that can be charged with a slight light of fluorescent lamps, a street It is a husband that makes it possible to rely on not only the scene but also overseas trips during summer vacation.

BABY-G “BGR-3007K-7” which is a partner product and based on the digital face of the round face is a combination of refreshing tricolor and aluminum ring around the dial, bringing out an adult atmosphere It is tailored. The looks that you can use in offices as well as on holidays are attractive.
BABY – G ‘s compact body is based on the radio reception function of 6 stations worldwide and tough solar, world time and stopwatch and other powerful watches based on the watch, the dolphin silhouette was arranged for the belt and play ring, It will be pleased as a gift for women who love dolphins.

And it is the “GWN-Q 1000K-7A” of “GULFMASTER” that is likely to be told as a model symbolizing 2017. It is one of MASTER OF G, “concept of the ocean strong” concept, “water pressure sensor” to grasp the depth in the water, “magnetic sensor” to check the wind direction and the direction of the tide, rapid weather “Barometric pressure sensor” for predicting change, and “Temperature sensor” for reading temperature and water temperature changes. For fans who know their ability, they are “Irukji” with fullness.

“GULFMASTER” with a white case and band has already been released, but in this model, in addition to the impressive tricolor, the bezel adopts a bright metal color, the impression is quite different from the regular model. If you are an adult G – SHOCK fan who loves marine sports, it will be an interesting one.

The price of the 2017 Eye Search Japan Collaboration Model that claims a marine taste with tricolor color is 23,000 yen for “GW – 6901K – 7JR”, 22,000 yen for “BGR – 3007K – 7JR”, and ” – Q1000K – 7 AJR “is 100,000 yen. All prices are exclusive of tax. Both are special specifications that have entered the special box, so do not miss those who are worried.

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