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[Live Photos] G-Shock GWX-5700 and GAX-100CSA — Summer G-Lide Series

G-SHOCK sports line “G-LIDE” loved by extreme sports such as surfers and skateboarders. Two base models of G-LIDE this summer.

One is a tough solar radio clock “GWX – 5700” which inherits the round face of DW – 5700 which gained brilliant revival last year and a sense of fit. The other is a big case “GAX – 100” with a tied graph of analog hands.

Both models have tied graphs and moon data that are essential for surfers. We support cool riding style. Moreover, it is also characterized by adopting somewhat dull color. It is easy to fit in fashion, it seems to be unlikely to be released in the ocean and the city.

The new colors of GWX – 5700 are three colors “GWX – 5700CS – 1JF” (black), “GWX – 5700CS – 2JF” (blue), “GWX – 5700CS – 7JF” (white). The price is 22,000 yen. The new color of GAX – 100 is “GAX – 100 CSA – 2AJF” (light blue), “GAX – 100 CSA – 4 AJF” (pink), “GAX – 100 CSA – 3 AJF” (green). The price is 16,000 yen. All released in May.


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