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[Live Photos] G-Shock Magma Ocean Collection For 35 Anniversary

A gift for myself running through toughness to 2018 ~ Introduce the 35th anniversary limited model “MAGMA OCEAN (Magma Ocean)”. Band on the back of the band, metal parts, dials, red color as a brand color, coloring a gorgeous rose gold · yellow gold celebrating the 35th anniversary. A state covered with the “magma sea” at the time of the birth of the earth, to declare that it is a presence that continues to create new value while returning to the origin, G-SHOCK welcoming the milestone of 35th anniversary from birth I expressed it by the whole. In the base model, MT-G “MTG-B1000” pursuing sophisticated toughness wearing metal exterior, RANGEMAN “GPR-B1000” which was born pursuing the ultimate survival toughness, and FROGMAN which makes evolution as a diver’s watch extremely successful “GWF – 1000” 3 models line up. The back cover is a special model with a special specification package with a 35th anniversary stamp.

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