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[Live Photos] G-Shock MRG-G1000B-1A4 with the strength of Japan

The Ultimate Guide to All G-SHOCKs — composed by Experts

According to Casio Computer, the number of circulating MR-Gs is extremely small compared to other G-SHOCK products, according to the sales channel and the number of production so far. However, at Casio, we will improve the environment from this year and increase MR-G’s distribution volume. Although MR – G had few opportunities to see at shop front, it is going to be able to take the actual attention in the future and feel the charm directly with the skin.

In addition, “MRG-G1000B-1A4JR” is on sale at a price of 300,000 yen. It is felt like a limited item from its luxurious and substantial appearance, but usually color variations of the product. The price is the same as the original model “MRG-G1000B-1AJR”.

“Red Bow” is a unit organization in the Sengoku period when uniting arms and decorations with vermillion. It is said that warlords who led the elite troops were used to show off their armies of their armies. I imagined this “reddish” and arranged the Japanese traditional color “Crimson” to the color filled part of the bezel, the MR-G logo of the dial, second hand, in-dial, city code and so on. It overlaps with the image of black and red which is the brand color of G – SHOCK and expresses the unique strength which keeps living beyond the times.

Front screw, crown, side button and part of the buckle adopt gold IP. By using gold as an accent, it is finished in a heavy and gorgeous look like an armor of the Sengoku warrior.

The time acquisition system adopts the GPS hybrid radio wave solar. As well as usual radio clock, of course, you can get the position and current time from the GPS satellite with a single button press even in places where it is impossible to receive standard time radio watches. It is a timepiece that thoroughly pursues strength, beauty and precision with traditional Japanese aesthetic sense and advanced technical power.


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