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[Live Photos] G-Shock Neon Color Series and Rave Music

When it comes to party culture, many people may immediately think of the electronic music or hip-hop party! Today’s editors are going to introduce you to a piece of Rave Music that you might not even hear of yourself as a musician, but enough to shake Britain’s deep-rooted class culture. Raging all the rage in the ’90s, Rave Music represents more than just a piece of music but also a self-manifestation of spiritual transmission that loves this type of music lover’s so-called Raver.

Just Be Yourself
The term rave is transliterated from the English version of Rave, whose spiritual core is PLUR: Peace, Love, Unity and Respect, a world that pursues classless struggles and discrimination. Rave Music prevailed in the late 1980s and early 1990s, which was also the era of electronic music. The rave parties at that time mainly played music of the type Breakbeat, Acid Techno and Hardcore Techno, of which Techno and Acid House were The new generation of popular Rave music metrics.

The 90’s music and party culture into the watch neon blue series, in addition to retaining the usual hard feelings, but also added a pink, blue gradient design, G-SHOCK bring a new look. Straps to the neon blue design, with the outside of the black to form an eye-catching two-tone strap, watch the whole selection of fog black, with any shape can easily match, the gradient details reveal the distinctive texture, absolute Is the best men and women the best accessories!

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