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[G-Shock Ana-Digi] GA-2100 — Dial Artist Joins IFL and “CasiOak”

Riding on the success of two sold-out limited-edition rainbow “CasiOaks” — a Casio G-SHOCK resembling Audemars Piguet’s Royal Oak — The Dial Artist has rejoined IFL Watches for a set of general releases this time round, applying the rainbow aesthetic to both a gray and black option of the playful watch.

Much like its predecessors, both watches come in a monochromatic construction except for the dial and bezel, allowing for The Dial Artist’s work to truly shine and draw in attention. The rainbow color scheme extends from the indexes of the timepiece to the markings on the octagonal bezel, all of which have been meticulously hand-painted.

“When we first saw ’The Dial Artist’ work, we more or less immediately reached out to him to discuss a potential collaboration,” IFL Watches wrote in a statement. “It felt natural to do the CasiOak since it is such a popular watch that many enjoy, from the hardcore watch nerds to the people that just want a cool looking watch. Personally we enjoy the ”rainbow” style watches because of its playful theme with colors.”

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