[G-SHOCK 2023] GA-2100GB — Cool Appearance and Tough Aesthetics

The Ultimate Guide to All G-SHOCKs — composed by Experts

GA-2100 Series: A New Take on Gold and Silver Colors

The GA-2100 series introduces brand-new gold and silver color options, while staying true to its pioneering octagonal shape, which adds a touch of coolness and toughness to its overall aesthetics. The dial design has been made thinner to enhance the comfort of wearing, and it has been polished and brushed to create a captivating metallic glow.

GA-2100GB-1A: Black and Gold Combination

One of the standout models in the series is the GA-2100GB-1A, featuring a striking black and gold color combination that exudes an avant-garde aura. The bright black resin strap perfectly complements the gold dial, creating a visually appealing contrast.

GA-2100SB-1A: Black and Silver Combination

For those looking to express their individual style, the GA-2100SB-1A offers a black and silver color combination that reflects a unique personality. The bezel and strap are treated with a matte black finish, emphasizing simplicity and highlighting the pure texture of the watch.

Overall, the GA-2100 series brings a fresh take on gold and silver colors, while retaining the iconic octagonal shape and delivering a comfortable wearing experience. The polished and brushed dial adds a touch of elegance, making these timepieces a perfect blend of style and functionality.

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