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[G-SHOCK 2022] GA-2100NN-1 and others — Dimensional Digital Era

Refreshing the digital world, it’s time to break the wall!
G-SHOCK’s new “Dimensional Era” series is inspired by the malfunctioning electronic display screen due to signal interference, and uses laser printing technology to reproduce this visual error on the light gray transparent case, showing a unique sense of futuristic virtuality.
Displaced images and ghost images are created on the small squares, and the binary characters 110010011101 representing the movement number “3229” are engraved on the bottom of the display screen, and the DW-5600NN-1 is digitally stamped.
The octagonal watch frame builds a barrier between electronic virtuality and reality. The dial of GA-2100NN-1 is a familiar dual display time zone. The bezel and strap are full of fault patterns, turning into a new type of visual symbol with strong conflict.
Six screws fix the round three-dimensional dial, and the GA-2200NN-1 is covered with a blue-green gradient GLITCH stripe pattern, which combines mechanical texture and technological art.
Every failure is a re-creation that breaks the rules, and every evolution is also a new performance with endless challenges. “Dimensional Era” is in the business of attacking, welcome to come and experience it!

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