[G-SHOCK 2022] GA-2100SRS-7A and others — Summer-Like Iridescent  Design

The Ultimate Guide to All G-SHOCKs — composed by Experts

From the shock-resistant watch < G-SHOCK >, the “Iridescent Color” collection, which expresses the board surface in vivid gradation colors, has been launched. This collection consists of five watches, DW-5600SR-1JF and DW-5600SRS-7JF, GA-110SR-1AJF, GA-2100SR-1AJF, GA-2100SRS-7AJF are adopted as models respectively. In addition, all models are subjected to rainbow vapor deposition that changes to various shades due to light reflection, expressing the image of the ever-changing midsummer dusk throughout the series.

Rainbow vapor deposition, the brand’s first attempt, is a special technique that nucleates glass particles at high temperatures, giving the crystal mineral glass on the board a rainbow-colored luster. And in this “Iridescent Color” collection, this innovative design is combined with functionality such as the robust form of and the resin bezel, resulting in a unique contrast. Among them, the DW-5600SRS-7JF and DW-5600SR-1JF, which are based on the octagon case DW-5600, are equipped with an EL backlight (with afterglow function) that can display brightly and digitally even in dark places, and GA-110SR- The 1AJF is a digital-to-analog combination model with metallic indexes, matt black hands, and neo-bright fluorescent paint. In addition, his GA-2100SR-1AJF and his GA-2100SRS-7AJF, which have an impressive octagon bezel, are equipped with a super illuminator LED on the face, digital display and 31-zone world time function.

All the items in this collection have an original brilliance of only one in the world due to the special technology rainbow vapor deposition, and along with that, the dial display shows different expressions depending on the angle. This new series is sure to play an active role as a casual accessory not only in outdoor activities and sports, but also in daily life.

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