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[G-SHOCK 2022] GA-2200NN, GA-2100NN, DW-5600NN — Digital Glitch

This series is a model with the theme of the bug “digital glitch” that is unintentionally projected on a monitor that mediates the digital and real world. The noise of the digital world, which sometimes functions as a cool effect, is printed on the entire surface of the case band.

By using blue-based green to purple polarized ink, it has an unrealistic and stylish appearance that shows various expressions depending on the angle.

The base model is G-SHOCK’s classic square type “DW-5600”, the popular octagonal bezel model “GA-2100” that combines digital and analog, and the shock-resistant structure that will be the next-generation standard for G-SHOCK. There are three types of “GA-2200” that adopt the “carbon core guard structure”, and each has a different pattern of “digital glitch” designed.

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