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[G-Shock Limited] GA-800DC-1APRTAKA x TAKA Original Collaboration

G-SHOCK head-to-head themed watch and the national trendy brand TAKA ORIGINAL jointly launched the joint trendy GA-800DC-1APRTAKA set with design elements of “traveling”, “time travel” and “reversing time and space”.
The watch box is printed with a wormhole, and the TAKA ORIGINAL brand concept CREATE THE FUN is printed on the watch. Its logo has also become engraved on the watch. There is also a fingertip Rubik’s Cube in the watch box, which is unconventional fashion play and also incorporates the concept of inverting time and space.
TAKA ORIGINAL is a Chinese local fashion brand founded in 2012, determined to express the ever-changing street concept through design. This coincides with G-SHOCK’s persistence and continuous self-breakthrough attitude. The same tenacity contributed to this trend cooperation.

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