Best Guide to All G-Shock Watches — composed by Experts

[G-Shock Ana-Digi] GA-900AS — Innovative colors for Industrial Style

No colorful, no street. G-SHOCK is an innovative color scheme for GA-900, launching three new industrial style watches, helping trendy players to seize the focus of vision[Cool]
GA-900AG-1A classic black and gold combination, both metallic texture and hardcore fashion. The GA-900AS-1A black wristband is matched with a silver metal dial, and the details are illuminated in blue and purple. GA-900AS-7A White and black share a simple style, with orange-red accents to make it more eye-catching.
The watch continues its multi-layered structure, with the back cover, dial and bezel layered on top of each other and fixed by four screws, presenting a three-dimensional tough style. The outside of the strap and all the function buttons have a non-slip texture, which is practical and more operability.
The brand-new GA-900 is a reward for tenacity. This trend hurricane is about to make a strong landing. Are you ready?

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