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[G-SHOCK 2022] GA-B001 — Futurism and Virtual Aesthetics

The GA-B001 series, as a new model of G-SHOCK, incorporates futurism and virtual aesthetics in the design, and dazzles as a pioneer musician!
The GA-B001G-2A dual-display dial is equipped with eye-catching scale marks, which is easy to read and has a cool feeling;
GA-B001G-1A adopts a molded structure to fit the wrist line, reducing the space between the wrist and the watch, and enhancing the wearing fit. ;
GA-B001-4A The bezel and the strap are forged in one piece, evolving and upgrading the structure, and the hard core guards the wrist;
GA-B001-1A circular index mark, creating a future vision, carbon fiber core protection structure, more light and tough; gshock40 Anniversary# is coming, the GA-B001 series invites you to travel through different dimensions and explore trendy music freely!

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2 months ago

Three reasons why this watch is nowhere as good as the GA2100 for now.

No positive display
the strap looks really long, so it would look bad on smaller wrists due to the flap overhanging
and the overuse of jelly resin. It gets dirty super fast and is really too casual for most people. I wear a pink G-Shock but I couldn’t bring myself to wear a jelly one.