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[G-Shock G-Squad] GBA-900 and new watch for runners

The new GBA900 is an evolution and improvement of the successful G-Squad 800 series, designed and intended for basic sports activities (runners, jogging and other types of daily exercise), but now – with the new GBA900- series, it is already connects to the APP G-SHOCK MOVE technique, and incorporates a highly precise distance sensor: it is a watch, with ‘steep tracker’ (accelerometer) for any active lifestyle -and sports -… a basic that also surprises for its spectacular and accomplished aesthetics, inheriting the best of the accumulated experience in sports watches.

Its aesthetics and image of “authentic G”, hides a new design more comfortable for most wrists, keeping the urethane strap extra-comfortable and multi-adjustable (in addition to being more breathable with new vents) … something that any runner will appreciate yes or if. It is also very light … with a total weight of only 61 grams (same as the GBA-800). Its size is 51.3 x 48.9 x 16.6mm, dimensions that also “say a lot” about that essential feature for an athlete: comfort and integrated coupling.

The new ‘DISP’ button (for Display), which is used to change the information on the screen, is ready at 09:00 o’clock, so it does not interfere with the wrist, improving usability in full action. The watch is very careful in these important details so that it becomes our best ally in sports activities …

This ana-digi, with typical “G” hour hands of the latest generation, improves on its antecedents -and a lot-, in the part of the LCD: a screen that now occupies practically the entire surface of the dial, in which we will have multiple (and practical) information on our activity, such as the exercise intensity graph located at the top (at 12:00), or hourly and functions.

GBA-900 Profile / Casio G-Shock
Average Amazon Price: $185
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Year of first release: 2021
Best for: TeenagersRunning and Swimming
The most distinctive specs:
— G-SHOCK Move App (Increase motivation by managing measurement data and training history with the app, which automatically creates training plans tailored to set targets)
— Step Count (3-axis accelerometer detects body movements and measures step count and distance travelled. Also interpolates distance measurements in environments where GPS measurement is unavailable)
— GPS but with your Phone Connection (you can control your distance but with your phone GPS technology)
— Very comfortable (only 61 grams and 51.3 x 48.9 x 16.6mm)
Other colors and full specs: GBA-900 Wiki Page

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