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[G-Shock G-Squad] GBD-200 — Born for a Healthy Lifestyle

The Ultimate Guide to All G-SHOCKs — composed by Experts

Between the square inches, the edges and corners appear. The G-SQUAD series uses a classic square design to go back to the origin of toughness, breaking the boundaries and creating new ones.
This time, a total of three practical color watches are launched: GBD-200-1 & GBD-200-2 & GBD-200-9, giving way to travel andharmonyExercise is more stylish. GBD-200-1 inherits the cool black posture and demonstrates the classic temperament of G-SHOCK; GBD-200-2 absorbs the deep connotation of navy blue and can cope with various sports scenes; GBD-200-9 fluorescent green has its own eye-catching property, It’s so cool as soon as it debuts.
GBD-200 has an ultra-thin body, suitable for sports wear. Equipped with functions such as step counting, automatic lap speed measurement, calorie consumption measurement, exclusive APP, etc., it is easy to realize daily training management.
G-SQUAD was born for a healthy lifestyle, let us run together and set off a new wave of urban sports!

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