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[G-Shock G-Lide] GBX-100KI-1 — Stealth Black and Kanoa Igarashi

This is the second signature model of Kanoa Igarashi, a professional surfer from the toughness watch G-SHOCK to “TEAM G-SHOCK”. The design motif is jet black “Stealth Black”. Incorporating requests from Kanoa, we are particular about black, including the case, band, and LCD. The bezel is graphically populated with a photo of the waves he rides on. In terms of functionality, the tide information and sunrise / sunset times required by surfers can be selected from approximately 3,300 locations around the world built into the dedicated app “G-SHOCK MOVE” and easily set on the watch side. In addition, the wide-faced, high-definition MIP LCD enhances visibility, and in addition to tide graphs and moon data, it is possible to display high tide / low tide time, high tide / low tide tide level, and sunrise / sunset time. Together with the training measurement function (distance, speed, pace, lap, pitch measurement), it supports surfers who fly around the world and fight tough. * Since the displayed tide information is calculated based on past data, an error will occur. Please use it as a guide only.

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