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[G-Shock G-Lide] GBX-100NS — Two New Surf-Ready Models

G-SHOCK has updated its G-LIDE series with the new models that incorporate night surfing interfaces to the GBX-100.

Built for avid wave-riders, the new models — GBX-100NS-1ER and GBX-100NS-4ER — arrive equipped with the ability to display essential, real-time surfing data, including high tide and low tide times and levels. The watch arrives connected to a phone application that allows its wearer to select from one of approximately 3,300 locations around the globe for ocean information.

Inside the watch’s screen, a high-resolution MIP LCD provides maximal readability and enables unique displays of a tide graph, moon data and sunrise and sunset times. With durability at the forefront of its design, G-SHOCK made sure to shield these updated models with a guard structure that is able to withstand impact from all angles.

Closing out the design details, the bezel — composed of a combination of resin and metal — blends hairline and honed surface finishes for a refined appearance across both black and copper tones. The timepiece is nestled into a thick, ribbed band with subtle iconography that fastens securely onto the wrist, eliminating any risk of losing the watch while out on the water.