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[G-Shock 2020] GM-110SCM-1A and others — Sceleton and Duck Pattern

In this season when the simple outfit of T-shirts and shorts is increasing, you want to wear a stylish watch on your wrist. Under such circumstances, a new work with a certain twist has appeared from G-SHOCK, which is a synonym for toughness watches. This collection is based on three models that have established a solid position among the G shocks. The skeleton and camouflage pattern is a stylish design that was unlikely.

In addition to the camouflage pattern that is laser-processed and printed, it features a combination of a tough stainless steel bezel and a resin band. The “6900,” which is popularly known as the “third-eyed” nickname, has also been completely summer-designed. Square type permanent classic “5600” is also stylish with a skeleton camo pattern. The clear band also has thin prints on it, giving it a moderate military feel.

The toughness watch “110” has a clear coloring and a mild feeling. As with the other models, the bezel camouflage is laser-processed, and you can see its commitment everywhere. It’s a simple but skillful model.

Each model has a unique combination of materials and a unique color that gives it a different look. If you’re not a fan, this is the lineup you want to have this summer!

GM-110 Profile / Casio G-Shock
Year of first release: 2020
Lineup: STANDART ANA-DIGI (This Line includes Digital and Analog displays on G-Shocks that are the best in “price/quality” category. Usually have traditional digital functions, but with beautiful hands. Don’t worry, the hands won’t prevent you from seeing digits, since there is a special Hand Shift technology that moves them to the neutral position) All G-Shock STANDART ANA-DIGI Watches →
The most distinctive specs:
– Steel Case (the most popular look of G-Shock GA-110 is now in a full steel case)
– Neobright Light
– ISO 764 class magnetic resistant (A magnetic-resistant plate is mounted on the module. The plate prevents magnetic fields from interfering with proper movement of the hands in daily use)
– WorldTime (in 48 cities all over the world. Ideal function for business people or travelers who want to control two times at one display)
– 200-meter water resistance (good for swimming but not for deep diving)
Average Amazon Price: may be available

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