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[G-Shock Ana-Digi] GM-2100 in Abstract Scenes

GM-2100 uses Casio octagonal design to condense the edges and edges, reshapes the tough aesthetics of G-SHOCK.
A circular dial is incorporated in the metal octagonal bezel, and the fusion border indicates the unbounded fashion. The dial is polished with steaming technology to create a fine texture; the strap is designed with a grid to further add elegance.
GM-2100-1A uses silver black + silver white to build the dial hierarchy, and the pure black strap accumulates tough wisdom. The combination of gray-green and silver-black, GM-2100B-3A exaggerates the uninhibited young power. Decorating the dial with dazzling red, GM-2100B-4A ignites the passion of the wrist. Sapphire blue blessed the shining attributes, giving GM-2100N-2A a pure style.
Four creative color schemes give GM-2100 stylish attributes, injecting ingenuity into daily travel.

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