[G-SHOCK 2023] GM-6900WTC229 x Wu-Tang Clan Limited

The Ultimate Guide to All G-SHOCKs — composed by Experts

The GM6900WTC22-9 features Wu-Tang Clan’s iconic “Killer Bees” black and yellow color combination branded with their unmistakable “W” logo on the band and dial and “WU-TANG” displayed within the electro-luminescent backlight that illuminates with an afterglow. This model sports an elevated stainless steel black IP bezel — an upgrade from the previous version — that represents the evolution of both the hip-hop group and the 6900-case design. In addition to the “W” logo, one of Wu-Tang Clan’s most memorable lyrics, “Cash Rules Everything Around Me C.R.E.A.M.” is printed around the border of the black mirror-finished dial. Whether hanging around in the “Mysterious Land of Shaolin,” Staten Island, New York, where the group formed, or any other region, the impact of their music has a lasting presence due to the group’s influence on new rappers from the West Coast to the South. The GM6900WTC22-9 offers the absolute toughness you expect from a G-SHOCK and will remain a staple in street fashion, just as Wu-Tang Clan remains a household name in hip-hop.

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