[G-SHOCK 2023] GM-B2100 — Steel Evolution of the Octagon

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As can be seen from the distinctive octagonal bezel, the GM-B2100, a newcomer to the G-SHOCK full metal series, is based on the GA-2100, one of the most successful models of recent years.
The GA-2100 was born in 2019. Casio has been developing a new model targeting the younger generation for several years, and the result is the GA-2100, which inherits the philosophy of the original G-SHOCK, but with a smaller and more minimalist look. At the time, the mainstream G- SHOCK lineup was dominated by rugged designs. The design of the GA-2100, which pursued simplicity, was controversial even within the company, but when the time came for the GA-2100 to be unveiled, it was well received globally. As you know, it was a hit in the US as well, a hit that would go down in G- SHOCK history, and since then the lineup has rapidly expanded to include the GM-2100 metal-covered model and the GA-B2100 with smartphone link and Tough Solar.

Meanwhile, full metal G-SHOCK, which debuted in 2018 with the GMW-B5000, not only expanded its variations with CMF (color,material,finish) design, but in 2020, based on the first analog x digital combination model, the AWM-500 was released. The GM-B2100 will be the third in a series of full-metal models to follow the AWM-500. Since only legacy G- SHOCK models have been made in full metal so far, it is somewhat surprising that an up-and-coming model introduced only three years ago has been added to the lineup. According to Casio, the GA-2100 was a worldwide hit, and the company is now looking to develop this into a next-generation masterpiece.

The core shock-resistant construction follows that used in the GMW-B5000. A fine resin cushioning material is inserted between the center case protecting the module and the top bezel to provide a dampening effect. However, since the GM-B2100 has an analog display, parts around the dial and hands could fall off if the watch is dropped, and the dial is more complex than the AWM-500, which also has an analog display, so the design could not be used in the same way. Therefore, the GM-B2100 is based on the shock-resistant structure of the previous full-metal model, but incorporates a new design that updates the dial structure of the AWM-500. The most distinctive feature of the watch is the octagonal bezel, which is formed by skillful forging techniques. The octagonal bezel design, extracted from G-SHOCK’s origins, has been carried over to the latest generation of the iconic GM-B2100.

The GM-B2100 is the latest addition to the Full Metal Series, which has been developing numerous models since its inception in 2018, but the GM-B2100 reminds us of Casio’s uncompromising commitment to continual updates. The GM-B2100’s CMF design brings a variety of variations, and the future development of the full metal series, which continues to evolve at a rapid pace, will also require continued attention.

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