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[G-Shock Women] GM-S2100 — Chic Design for Octagonal Bezel

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It is a model that uses metal material from the GA-2100 series that inherits the “octagonal form” that was also used in the first model “DW-5000C” of G-SHOCK. A hard stainless steel material is used for the bezel cover. The stainless steel bezel has a circular hairline finish for a chic design. In addition, the dial is vapor-deposited to sharpen and stylishly enhance the simple design that is typical of the GA-2100. Furthermore, the texture of the checkered pattern that gradually changes is casually put in the band to add a high-quality feel to the resin band with a casual impression. While maintaining the concept inherited from the first generation, this model pursues quality as a watch and refines the exterior and wearability.

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