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[G-Shock Square] GM-S5600MF and GM-S2100MF — Inspired by Midnight Fog

The G-SHOCK “Midnight Fog” series brings a total of five watches this time, and different styles will take you to explore the mysterious atmosphere.
GM-5600MF-2 & GM-S5600MF-6 are based on the classic small square shape, the metal bezel is matched with the translucent resin strap, and it has a hazy beauty under the rendering of haze blue and purple. The GM-110MF-1A is based on the GM-110. The metal armor is removed and the gray tone translucent resin strap is selected to inject a gentle luminous into the hard core power. GM-2100MF-5A & GM-S2100MF-1A collide with the foggy night with the #Europe8# edges and corners, to reconcile the sharp and tough edge; the bezels are respectively coated with gold and silver IP coating to break the cold feeling of metal, showing individuality but not high-profile.
Once you start, you can unlock your true self and unleash unlimited trend potential!

Rating: 3.5 out of 5.

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