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[G-Shock Square] GMW-B5000TCF-2 — Icy blue metallic camouflage

Ice camouflage, there is nowhere to hide “shape”. The new model of icy blue metallic camouflage GMW-B5000TCF-2PR was launched. Using the GMW-B5000 as the “drawing board”, the jungle camouflage is carved with laser technology. The subtle texture changes can be realized only by the different etching depths. The case, strap and back cover are made of titanium. The dot-matrix laser depicts the camouflage melted into gravel, and there is nowhere to hide the “shape”. Titanium is lighter than steel, but it is stronger and has both light weight and strength. The GMW-B5000’s titanium shell is superimposed with diamond-like carbon coating for protection. With strong blessing, tenacity can be upgraded. The original intention of G-SHOCK, which is more than tenacious, is incorporated throughout the watch models. Summer Ice Blue is suitable for all kinds of wearing occasions. It is a rare collection-level exquisite men’s watch.

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