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[G-Shock G-Steel] GST-B300 and Innovative Carbon Bezel

Before explaining the new model, let’s briefly review the base model “GST-B300-1AJF”. It will go on sale in June 2020 and will cost 44,000 yen. This is the third generation of the G-STEEL series equipped with a mobile link function using Bluetooth. It features an Arabic index at 12 o’clock, a G-SHOCK-like bezel that incorporates discreet unevenness, a disc hand at 6 o’clock and a large front button below it. For details, see the separate article ” G-SHOCK New Work with Photos-G-STEEL” GST-B300 “, which is the most G-SHOCK-like “, and let’s take a look at the new model.

The first is the “GST-B300XA-1AJF” (84,700 yen), which uses the now standard “carbon bezel” in the additional lineup of G-STEEL. The blue IP applied to various parts such as the screw that connects the bezel and the case and the disc hand at 6 o’clock is beautiful.

Next is the “GST-B300XB-1A3JF” (91,300 yen), which features an innovative carbon bezel and a soft urethane band with a camouflage pattern. Among them, the original carbon bezel is likely to attract the attention of enthusiasts at once. The above-mentioned GST-B300XA-1AJF is made by cutting a plate in which carbon fiber directions are laminated in two directions of 0 ° and 90 °. On the other hand, in this GST-B300XB-1A3JF, a new pattern was created by stacking carbon bundles in various directions and cutting from a special angle.

Looking at the cut surface, it is easy to imagine that the plate-shaped carbon original plate is not cut out in the shape of a bezel as usual. First, I wondered if the prepreg (*) was rolled to make a columnar carbon solid, then sliced ​​diagonally to make a carbon original plate, and then cut out in the shape of a bezel. It’s fun to think about the manufacturing process. It is a CMF (Color / Material / Finish / color / material / finish) development model that makes you imagine, not just “showing (attractive)” so far.


GST-B300 Profile / Casio G-Shock
Average Amazon Price: 300$ (yes, we may earn a commission on qualifying purchases from our links to Amazon)
Year of first release: 2020
Best for: Office and Formal Wear, Top in G-Shock Lookbooks
The most distinctive specs:
– G-SHOCK Connected App (you may manage all watch settings through your phone)
– Tough Solar (CASIO’s original solar-charging system converts not only sunlight but also light from fluorescent lamps and other sources into power)
– Mobile link (Wireless linking using Bluetooth(R)) (for time sync with your phone data)
– 200-meter water resistance (good for swimming but not for deep diving)
– Carbon Core Guard Structure (protects the module with a carbon case. Highly durable carbon fiber-reinforced resin is added not only to the center case, but also to the front and side button guards, providing even stronger resistance to shocks from above or below, or from any side)
– The battery indicator at the 6 o’clock position (designed to evoke a brake disk, shows the remaining battery power by an arrow pointer and a curved red bar, providing visually interesting ways to check the battery)
Other colors and full specs: GST-B300 Wiki Page
Only Limited Editions: GST-B300 Limited Editions

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