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[G-Shock G-Steel] GST-B400X — Light and thin evolution

Light and thin evolution, tough and intelligent. G-STEEL series launched new products, GST-B400X upgraded and returned, deducting thin fashion.

Based on GST-B400, GST-B400X combines three materials of metal, resin and carbon fiber to show a new sense of design. GST-B400XD-1A2 uses a silver steel strap with a black dial, and the blue G-SHOCK logo is painted on the top of the dial, which has a rich visual hierarchy. GST-B400X-1A4 is a combination of a resin strap and a carbon fiber dial. The dial is embellished with a red G-SHOCK logo, and the details show classic colors.

The GST-B400X watch has both inside and outside, transformed into a street fashion symbol, and the trend value is up!

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