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[G-Shock G-Squad] GSW-H1000 — Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, Wear OS and Running

Sports line “G-SQUAD” New line “G-SQUAD PRO” equipped with Wear OS by Google ™ for the first time. In addition to an optical sensor that can measure heart rate, it is equipped with a directional sensor, altitude / barometric pressure, acceleration, and gyro sensor as useful functions for workouts. In addition, it acquires location information from GPS satellites and measures distance, speed, pace, etc. The measured data is displayed in high definition on the entire LCD. You can easily monitor the information you want to know while exercising. In addition, in order to support various sports measurements, the Casio original app has made it possible to use it in a wide range of scenes, from daily training to extreme sports and outdoor activities. The interface designed for each event allows you to customize the display items, so you can freely use multiple functions with your own specifications. Furthermore, by linking with the dedicated app “G-SHOCK MOVE”, it supports various clock settings and training log management. It is also equipped with a sensor overlay function that allows you to create original videos and still images by layer-synthesizing the captured videos and still images and the sensor nformation measured by the clock, expanding the way you enjoy it not only during sports but also after sports. G-SHOCK toughness performance and smart watch functionality. A new multi-sport gear that has evolved through the fusion of the two.

GSW-H1000 Profile / Casio G-Shock
Average Amazon Price: may be available
Year of first release: 2021
Lineup: G-SQUAD (A new sports line that supports your active life by managing your daily exercise using your watch and smartphone. All watches are equipped with health and fitness support functions, include a 3-axis accelerometer that keeps track of step count, a Multi-Timer that lets you create up to 20 timer combinations of five timers each, memory for up to 200 lap records, and with the help of the phone app, a calorie-use counter. Ideal for interval training for running, gym activities and other sports.) All G-Shock G-Squad Watches →
Best for: Teenagers,  Military, Army and Police UseRunning and Swimming
The most distinctive specs:
— Sport Line with Wear OS 
(the first sport G-Shock with this OS and drives functions to a new level)
— Optical Heart Rate Monitor (on the watch caseback)
— Running Data (speed via GPS, pace, heart rate, distance etc. All important info for a runner)
— Sensors (direction sensor, altitude/barometric pressure, acceleration)
— G-SHOCK Move App (Increase motivation by managing measurement data and training history with the app, which automatically creates training plans tailored to set targets)
— Changeable Display Design (you may change your watch daily by changing just its display)
Other colors and full specs:  GSW-H1000 Wiki Page

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