Best Guide to All G-Shock Watches — composed by Experts

[G-SHOCK 2022] GW-9408KJ-7 — Save the Polar Bear

Since the late 90’s, G-SHOCK/BABY-G has produced collaboration models with various environmental groups and continues to support them. Under the theme of “Love The Sea And The Earth”, it is a collaboration model with “EARTHWATCH” which supports environmental conservation and research. The MASTER OF G series “RANGEMAN” is adopted, and the design is based on the motif of the polar bear, which is endangered due to global warming. The off-white resin is used as a base to represent an iceberg, the dial is made of phosphorescent resin that glows blue, and the back of the band is made of clear blue skeleton resin. Equipped with a tough solar as an environmental consideration, it also has a radio wave reception function. Detailed designs such as the “EARTHWATCH” logo and symbol mark are engraved everywhere. Comes with a dedicated box and drawstring bag made of recycled paper.

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