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[G-Shock Frogman] GWF-A1000 and Deep Diving

The heat wave swept the streets and found cool time at sea. Get started with G-SHOCK’s new pointer display FROGMAN, and release it against the waves with GWF-A1000!
Low-key and elegant blue meets classic cool black, GWF-A1000-1A2 highlights the hardcore style of the exclusive ocean. With a strong black appearance and a double-layer bezel, it is full of mechanical feeling when you enter the eye. GWF-A1000-1A helps you play the ocean and land modes; the warm red blessing the adventure factor, GWF-A1000-1A4 inspires you to explore the unknown Interest.
Equipped with powerful functions such as IOS 200-meter waterproof, high-brightness LED lighting, and Bluetooth connection, GWF-A1000 continues to write TOUGH classics. Dive into the deep sea, rewrite the new list of street fashion items, quickly reveal the FROGMAN on your wrist, and become a deep diving tide cafe!

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